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Investing in District 22

Investment in Tehran 22

 by the end of 22 regional projects and provision of amenities in this area will have a positive impact on the price of towers district 22As much as 22 regional projects Tehran closer to the final stage will see the 22 shape a more urban.


22 Tehran regional projects in the most pessimistic possibilities for the next five years 90 % 22 Tehran regional projects to exploitation . which, as previously made the growth of the region

سرمایه گذاری در منطقه 22

 Besides climatic 22 region as well as the reason for the progress and development of the region where the main problem is that the residents of air pollution in Tehran in this time of this region, located in the mountainside alborz and above 1300 meters and open around the region, which makes the wind of monsoon climate is a very desirable that Tehran would attract residents in the region , and the other reason very clear 22 on the future of the region and investment in the region is inevitable Tehran's 22 region in terms of both air and water is in good condition of access to the highway like Hemat, Hakim , Tehran , Ozodagon and also protested near the metro station chitgar and subway car Iran would provide the conditions for further growth, the region is 22 Last of the commercial and recreational projects in the region are underway in 22 to become the region tourist hub of Tehran .

 including the projects can project named Iran 's commercial hub in the Middle East, with around 2,000,000 meters 70 trade and a hotel in the project property in the vicinity of the iran mall project Iran thanks to a three - shift basis by the private sector, which is being implemented 


 . Also, regional projects 22 Tehran may resort town of one thousand and One , in an area of 40 hectares in the world by the private sector in the construction of the And municipalities that the biggest in Asia and Europe in this project , as well as iran mall with very high speed at the building from other regional projects 22 Tehran projects that can be called Artemis at a length of a km north shore chitgar Case Study subsections project , and rozmall . lexon project , Tehran project , the project , malmon . ayrana , mother and other projects in the region's growth will impact 22 For more detailed information you can call with our experts 09100152305 poplars

Commercial project iranmall

iranmal shopping center in the region 22 Tehran this project one of the largest projects is running in District 22. The private sector is one of the largest chain stores in the country. TAT property in an area of 27 hectares and will be built with extensive commercial _Adary_Khdmaty which owns favorable prospects Lake Forest Park Cheetgar and appropriate access

Thousand and one points of the city Amusement Park

Thousand and One idea is at the heart of a world-class collection of modern tourism gateway to Iran set a better and more prosperous people, happier and more vibrant. Thousand and an opportunity for development and transformation; a thousand and one opportunities for investment and business; a thousand and one opportunities for dynamism and development of art and culture; a thousand and a thousand and a variety of opportunities for relaxation and entertainment by year

Our services in the region 22

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 Pre-sale residential and commercial rating Cheetgar Lake and Pearl City 

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About District 22

Did you know Tehran's top residential structures built in Area 22? 

 Did you know District 22 to 5 years Tehran will be among the top 3 area?Mydanstydmrkz buy Ayranmal largest shopping mall in the Middle East and 10 th in the world? 

 Yamydanstyd resort town with 22,000 units Cheetgar largest town in Iran? 

 / Proportion of capitation green space for each unit is 44 meters in the town Cheetgar / 

Did you know Professor Samii neurology hospital in the region of 22 most equipped hospitals in the world is like? 

 Did you know that the leisure center will equip thousand and a world-class city. In the Middle East and East Europe is the largest?


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